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Student film wins 'Best of Festival' award for first time in 44 years.

For the first time in IWFF’s 44-year history, a student film was selected for the Best of Festival Award. UK filmmaker George Pretty's Life on the Rocks short film tells the important tale of an ancient volcanic island, home to the world’s largest colony of gannets: the Bass Rock. For three years in the 1960s, June Nelson and her late husband Bryan called it their home, studying the birds and their behaviours. The short film is built around June's reflections on experiences with her late husband among the gannets.

“This film encompasses so much of what IWFF stands for in its homage to impactful scientific research while grounding the film in the humanity of June Nelson's stories of the past,” says IWFF Artistic Director Carrie Richer. “The impeccable black-and-white cinematography is a testament to the many years George Pretty put in as a camera assistant before getting his Masters.”

The winners of the festival were chosen from over 300 submissions. The sixty-five 2021 films were selected by an international jury consisting of filmmakers, producers, field biologists, conservationists, cinephiles, teachers, and University of Montana graduate students specializing in environmentally-focused or wildlife biology studies. A jury of three Final Judges made the final decisions for 11 categories, the Best of Festival award, and any special consideration awards. The 2021 Final Judges -Janet Han Vissering, Senior Vice President of development and production at National Geographic Wild, Ami Vitale, Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic Magazine photographer and filmmaker, and writer and curator Pipaluk Lykke - selected the winners.

Read the full article on Wildlife Film News HERE


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